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Over the years I’ve heard from so many of you about reaching the end of one of my books, and not wanting to say goodbye. There were so many times I also wanted the stories to continue. I still have so many stories to tell, characters to develop, and locations to revisit and I want to share them here with you in this special new digital magazine format- Welcome Home.

I can say without reservation that a great deal of love, talent, and passion went into this project and I hope that when you dive into it, you find yourself right at home.



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what's included?


Here is some content the April 2019 Welcome Home Magazine includes:

  • Short story - Kaylene's College Boyfriend, featuring Kaylene, a character from  A GIRL'S GUIDE TO MOVING ON
  • Reading Guide 
  • Monthly Devotional
  • A D.I.Y. project
  • Meals for Two
  • Dr.'s Les  and Leslie Parrott

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Does the magazine come in a paper copy?

No, this is a digital magazine only.

Is $4.99 a monthly cost for the magazine?


Is there a subscription option for the magazine?

No, currently there is no subscription price or yearly payment option for the magazine.

How often will the magazine be published?

Currently, we are planning to publish one magazine per month.

Do we have to purchase each magazine individually vs. an annual subscription at a reduced price?

Yes, you will have to purchase the magazine individually. As of right now, we do not have
an annual subscription option.

Will future editions cost $6.99?

We plan on continuing to add more and more content to each magazine. So the price of the magazine may increase, but for now it is only $4.99.

Is there a way to get the magazine on my Kindle or Nook?

No, our magazine is hosted through FlipSnack, so there isn’t a way to download it to your Kindle or Nook.

Can I pay with PayPal?

No, currently PayPal is not an accepted payment method with FlipSnack.

Can I buy multiple copies of the same magazine under the same email address to “gift” to a friend?

No, currently FlipSnack doesn’t support buying multiple copies of one magazine under the same email address.